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The Champagne Lentil

The pearl of Champagne

Due to the Champagne soil in which the Champagne lentil grows, it has a very mild and slightly sweet flavour. Renowned for its taste and nutritional qualities, it is today served by some of the greatest chefs in the most prestigious restaurants.

A delicate plant

High nutritional value

The lentil is a very sensitive plant. For this reason, producers use rye to keep the plant upright and off the ground. Then, during harvesting, a machine separates the rye from the lentil.

Champagne lentils are highly nutritious, providing vegetable proteins, slow sugars, iron and fibre.

Smaller and more slender than their lentil cousins, champagne lentils have a very mild and slightly sweet flavour thanks to the nature of the Champagne soil in which they grow and have a delicate and melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Today this pulse has earned a reputation for its finesse and delicious taste as an accompaniment to some of the world’s most prestigious dishes. It is used as the basis of subtle and tasty recipes created by top chefs in some of the most celebrated restaurants.

Where to buy

The Tourist Office invites you to discover the Champagne lentils of Brigitte and Didier Lambin, who run a certified organic farm in Coupéville.

They have been growing Champagne lentils for over 10 years. In addition to lentils, they produce lentil flour and linseed.

You can purchase packs of Champagne lentils in the Tourist Office boutique, on their farm or in local grocery outlets.

How to prepare

Pour 60gr of lentils per person into a pan with 2 times their volume of cold water.

Add the herbs and bring to the boil.

Leave to cook over a low heat for about 20 minutes and add salt at the end. The lentils should remain slightly firm to the bite.

Serve hot with meat and fish dishes or cold as a salad.