Balade En Famille Chalons Grand Jard Cathedrale © Christophe ManquilletBalade En Famille Chalons Grand Jard Cathedrale © Christophe Manquillet
©Balade En Famille Chalons Grand Jard Cathedrale © Christophe Manquillet

It's free!

Our Top things to do and see for free

Looking for something to do without having to spend a penny? Here are a few ideas for outings to enjoy without needing to reach into your pocket, ideal for holidays on a budget.


and play areas

After enjoying an afternoon nap, pack a snack and head for the play areas! Slides, wooden frames, a climbing wall, swings, spring rides… Your little ones are going to love it!

Take time along the way to explore the Jards, our wonderful gardens located in the city centre. In the Petit Jard, you can enjoy a great view of Chateau du Marché, the city’s iconic landmark. And on the footbridge connecting the Grand Jard and the Jard Anglais, enjoy a scenic panorama of the cathedral, the Canal Latéral and the gardens.


Slip on your trainers!

Fancy some fresh air? Enjoy a Whirlwind Tour of our beautiful city to see all the highlights, or follow the various hiking trails and discover a wealth of varied and unspoilt landscapes.

Cabu and the Duduchothèque

The Duduchothèque is a space dedicated to Cabu and his drawings from his youth. It is named after Duduche, one of the leading characters in Cabu’s drawings and his best friend at the time. Enjoy spending time amongst these amazing drawings created by the city’s much-adored child.


the digital museum

Microfolie is a virtual museum that displays over 1,000 different artworks from the greatest museums in France. There is a large screen, interactive tablets, 360° immersive videos, and more… This is where culture meets digital technology to the delight of all visitors.

Musée de la Bertauge

Somme Vesle (18 km)

To discover the city’s rich heritage while having fun, the Tourist Office and the Heritage Department offer a series of themed rally games and explorer booklets. Look around you, solve the riddles and find the answers to these great quizzes!

Visit exhibitions

There is no shortage of art galleries and other exhibition venues available in Châlons-en-Champagne. Here is a brief overview:

The Tourist Office
The Abbaye de Vinetz
The Médiathèque Pompidou
The museums
Urban galleries on display along the railings of the Notre-Dame-en-Vaux Collegiate Church and the Halles du Marché

Benefit from the

Free events in the city



Châlons-en-Champagne is an extremely vibrant city where you will find a rich and varied programme of free entertainment. Music and circus festivals, concerts, exhibitions, open-air cinema, activities for the kids, guided tours, and much more. Find all the free events on offer in our calendar.

Go geocaching

Do you have a smartphone? Download the free “geocaching” App and scour the city for little treasures just like a real Sherlock Holmes. This modern-day treasure hunt will help you uncover unusual places in Châlons and the surrounding area.