Champagne Vollereaux Pique Nique 3 © Marat AnaevChampagne Vollereaux Pique Nique 3 © Marat Anaev
©Champagne Vollereaux Pique Nique 3 © Marat Anaev|Marat Anaev

Local flavours

Time for a treat

Coming to Châlons is about discovering a region and local culinary specialities, produced with excellence, in the midst of a rural landscape. You can meet up with local producers who will share their expertise with you and you can indulge in generous, gourmet cuisine. Here, dining is an art of living. With local and seasonal ingredients, everyone will find a dish to delight their taste buds. There’s certainly more to Châlons-en-Champagne than just champagne!

Where to eat out in Châlons

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From street food to gastronomic restaurants, from traditional to exotic cuisine, the chefs of the Champagne region make the most of good local ingredients as well as those from further afield. Delicious dishes to delight and something for everyone to enjoy!

Our top tips for

a gourmet experience

Since eating well is important, here are some tips on seasonal produce, where to buy local ingredients, and how to treat yourself to a gourmet getaway.