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Taste local specialities

Châlons-en-Champagne and the Champagne region is an agricultural and wine-growing area, so many local specialities are produced locally. Here are just some of those distinctive to the region that you won’t find anywhere else. To give your taste buds a treat…



It is almost unimaginable to come to the Champagne region without tasting champagne… And as you can imagine, there is no shortage of places to sample it! Follow our guide!

Local beers

In the land of champagne, we also love beer! And it is produced locally in a wonderful way! Meet the local brewers and taste their lagers, brown ales and other delicious beers.

The Champagne Lentil


The pearl of Champagne

Due to the exceptional soil in which the Champagne lentil grows, it has a very mild and slightly sweet flavour. Renowned for its taste and nutritional qualities, it is today served by some of the greatest chefs in the most prestigious restaurants.



Did you know that whisky was also produced in Champagne, as well as spirits made from the “remains” of grapes? This was to reduce waste as much as possible. Champagne will never cease to surprise you. To be consumed in moderation.

The Biscuit Rose

A jewel in the crown of patisserie

Created in 1691, the Biscuit Rose de Reims is one of the jewels of the city of Reims and the Champagne region as a whole. In addition to its pink colour, it is characterised by its crunchy and smooth texture as well as its unique taste. Go on… take a bite.