Distillerie Guillon Louvois Whisky Bouteille HerbeDistillerie Guillon Louvois Whisky Bouteille Herbe
©Distillerie Guillon Louvois Whisky Bouteille Herbe


Did you know that whisky was also produced in Champagne, as well as spirits made from the “remains” of grapes? This was to reduce waste as much as possible. Champagne will never cease to surprise you. To consume in moderation.

Guillon Distillery

Louvois (30 km)

Located in a conservation area in the heart of the Montagne de Reims, La Distillerie Guillon produces malt-based spirits. Thanks to the domain’s pure water source and its ageing in oak barrels, this beverage has a truly unique taste.

Take a tour of the distillery and discover the secrets of distilling and ageing the Esprit du Malt de la Montagne de Reims and then enjoy a tasting of the House’s range of spirits, including whisky, armagnac, cognac, and gin.

A unique savoir-faire belonging to Champagne.

Where to find the distillery

Hameau de Vertuelle, 51150 Louvois