Cabu Portrait Chalons En ChampagneCabu Portrait Chalons En Champagne
©Cabu Portrait Chalons En Champagne|Quentin Houdas


Cabu was a popular French caricature artist, a committed press cartoonist and a comic book writer. He was tragically killed in the attack on Charlie Hebdo in January 2015.

Cabu Portrait Chalons CelebritesCabu Portrait Chalons Celebrites
©Cabu Portrait Chalons Celebrites


Hello, my name is Jean Cabut

better known as Cabu. Born in Châlons-sur-Marne on January 13th, 1938, I began my career in 1953 by drawing cartoons for the regional daily newspaper, L’Union de Reims.

In 1955, I went to Paris to try my luck with the national press. When I returned from the Algerian war in 1960, I joined the team of Hara-Kiri and then Pilote. It was at this time that I created the now famous character, the Grand Duduche, a cheerful, dreamy, and idealistic fellow, who was inspired by my memories as a schoolboy in Châlons.

When Hara-Kiri Hebdo was banned, Charlie Hebdo was created and I continued the adventure with cartoonist friends such as Reiser and Wolinski. In 1982, I also joined the team at Le Canard enchaîné.

In parallel with my work in journalism, I published around twenty albums and started working on television with Dorothée in the Récré A2 programme, where I did live drawings for children. Adults found me in Michel Polac’s Droit de Réponse.

In the 2000s, several exhibitions, documentaries and retrospectives were devoted to me. I continue to illustrate for Charlie Hebdo and Le Canard enchaîné and travelled the world, with my pencil in hand.”

On January 7th, 2015, the editorial office of Charlie Hebdo was attacked by terrorists. On that day, twelve people were murdered, including Cabu, on the eve of his 77th birthday. He is buried in his hometown of Châlons-en-Champagne in the West Cemetery.

“Ever since December 2018, the Duduchothèque has been exhibiting drawings from my youth, to the public.”

The Duduchothèque

The Duduchothèque is a venue dedicated to Cabu’s drawings from his youth. This exhibition, reading, research, animation and learning center is a place where you can discover how K-Bu became Cabu.

Where: 68 Rue Léon Bourgeois, 51000 Châlons-en-Champagne

Discover the city

through the eyes of Cabu

A tour enables residents, visitors, both young and old, to discover and re-live the city through the drawings of Cabu. The brochure, which is free of charge, is available at the Duduchothèque at 68 rue Léon Bourgeois.

The first booklet of the Duduchothèque, includes several points throughout the city, from the Duduchothèque to the Lycée Bayen, via the Place de la République and the Pont des fainéants.

A tour that allows you to step into Cabu’s Châlons, where he spent his youth, where he first started drawing and where he took his first tentative steps into the world of the media.