Duduchotheque Cabu Chalons Portrait © Christophe ManquilletDuduchotheque Cabu Chalons Portrait © Christophe Manquillet
©Duduchotheque Cabu Chalons Portrait © Christophe Manquillet|CHRISTOPHE MANQUILLET

Famous people from Châlons

They made history

From the 17th century to the present day, many prominent figures from Châlons have played a significant role in shaping history. Among them are inventors, soldiers, politicians and comedians, all of whom have left a lasting mark on today’s world. Come and meet these exceptional people who will share their stories with you and follow in their footsteps through the streets of Châlons-en-Champagne.


Caricature artist and illustrator

(1938 – 2015)

Cabu was a popular French caricature artist, a committed press cartoonist and a comic book writer. He was tragically killed in the attack on Charlie Hebdo in January 2015.

Pierre Dac



Pierre Dac was a French comedian and actor. During the Second World War, he was also a leading figure in the Resistance against the occupation of France by Nazi Germany through his contributions to Radio London.

Etienne Oehmichen



Etienne Oehmichen was a French engineer and biologist considered to be one of the pioneers of stroboscope, and helicopter inventions, and one of the forerunners in biomechanics.

Léon Bourgeois




Léon Bourgeois was a French politician. He is known as the leading proponent of cooperative solidarism. He was the first president of the League of Nations and, in 1920, won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Adolphe Jacquesson



Adolphe Jacquesson is the inventor of the wire hood and metal cap used for corking bottles of champagne.

Nicolas Appert



Nicolas Appert was the first person to develop a method of preserving food by heat sterilising it in airtight, sterile containers. He founded the world’s first canning factory in France.

Pierre Bayen


Pierre Bayen is a pioneer in the discovery of oxygen and is regarded as a key influence in modern chemistry.

Jean Talon


Military Officer


Jean Talon was a distinguished military officer. First intendant of New France from 1665 to 1671, he is considered to be one of the “founding fathers” of Quebec.