Petit Jard Chalons Feuilles Automne © Mathilde BoivinPetit Jard Chalons Feuilles Automne © Mathilde Boivin
©Petit Jard Chalons Feuilles Automne © Mathilde Boivin

The Petit Jard

"Remarkable Garden"

The Petit Jard is undoubtedly the local’s favourite place in the city. People love to take a stroll here, take their lunch break and enjoy a picnic, admire the Château du Marché and the varied plant life, or watch their children running around in the grass or having fun in the play area that is tucked away in the shade of the trees. A place to relax, so close and yet so far from the city.

An arboretum

with over 200 plant species

A botanical garden

In 1861, a temporary area was laid to display flowers and trees at the Regional Agricultural Competition. It was so successful that the municipality was compelled to maintain this garden for the people of Châlons to enjoy!

In 1938, the Petit Jard became an arboretum, a botanical garden, created with the aim of grouping together tree species in order to compare different tree types and how they developed through the seasons… Today, there are over 200 species to be found.

The storm of December, 26th, 1999 devastated the Jards. Châlons-en-Champagne then launched a green environmental plan, committing to replanting every tree that had been destroyed. The Petit Jard reopened in 2001. In 2005, the Petit Jard was awarded the “Remarkable Garden” label

The remarkable trees

12 remarkable trees

The Petit Jard is home to many original species such as the fau de Verzy, the Bald Cypress, the Sweetgum and the Tulip Tree. More common species such as chestnut trees, plane trees and maples also line the park, some of which are hundreds of years old.

Discover 12 of these remarkable trees with the help of our map.

  • 1 – Atlas Cedar
  • 2 – Cappadocian Maple
  • 3 – Evergreen Box
  • 4 – Corsican Pine
  • 5 – Pyramidal English Oak
  • 6 – Fau de Verzy Dwarf Beech
  • 7 – London Plane
  • 8 – Black Alder
  • 9 – White Willow
  • 11 – European Horse-chestnut
  • 12 – English Yew
Focus on the...

Château du Marché

The most important cultural feature of the Petit Jard has to be Château du Marché, a fortified bridge running over the river Nau, and a vestige of the former city walls. It was rebuilt in 1602 and extended in the 19th century with two corner pavilions. In a classic Champagne architectural design, it features a corbelled turret on the Petit Jard side. The coat of arms of the city, of Henri IV and of the bishop of the time, Cosme Clause, appear on the façade.

It is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks and an absolute must-see.

On particular evenings, a special magic takes hold of the Petit Jard when the Château du Marché and the Nau canal, which runs through the garden, are lit up by the Métamorph’eau’ses show.

The statues

Four statues representing the four seasons adorn the Petit Jard. They were created by the internationally renowned Chalon sculptor, Juan Carlos Carillo. They have replaced the former mythological statues which were partly destroyed during the 1999 storm.

The play area

For 2 to 8 years old

A play area for children aged 2-8 years is tucked away in the Petit Jard on the Boulevard Victor Hugo side of the entrance. It includes a goose game, slides, spring rides, a train and a boat.


Youngsters will love playing while grown-ups can relax in the sunshine.