Balade En Barque Metamorpheauses Pont Des Mariniers © Christophe ManquilletBalade En Barque Metamorpheauses Pont Des Mariniers © Christophe Manquillet
©Balade En Barque Metamorpheauses Pont Des Mariniers © Christophe Manquillet
A tour on the

Métamorph‘eau’ses boat trip

The only show of its kind in Europe

We wanted to put our city in the spotlight and showcase the importance of its waterways by creating an imaginative attraction that would be the only one of its kind in Europe. “Métamorph’eau’ses”, a touring sound and light show on water was born.

Bridges and monuments

are transformed

Darkness can completely alter our perception of sounds and what we see. It’s showtime, and all the wonderful places around the city are adorned with lights…

While we won’t be rolling out a red carpet for you, there won’t be a speech to welcome either, but your captain certainly will graciously help you climb aboard. This tour is on an electrically-powered boat. Your view will be none other than the bridges and monuments of our beautiful city.

Ondine, the Nymph of the Mau and Nau rivers, is the narrator for this show. As you travel down the canals in the darkness, she will bewitch you by recounting her own story, as well as the history of Châlons-en-Champagne.

Balade en Barque Métamorph'eau'ses
Balade en Barque Métamorph'eau'ses
Balade en Barque Métamorph'eau'ses

Let your imagination

fly and be amazed

Let your imagination flow… The storyline of this performance takes place on a mild summer’s evening, your boat slowly glides along in the darkness when, at the bend in the river or on a bridge, the monuments, highlighted by the sounds and lights, come into play.

Notre-Dame-en-Vaux Collegiate Church, an important part of Châlons’ heritage, is unveiled in the evening light, and Ondine appears on the Pont des 7 Moulins to give her best performance. Château du Marché and its medieval display transports you back in time, as does the Pont des Mariniers… we won’t tell you anymore. We’ll leave this touring sound and light show to work its magic.

Which displays will be your favourites?

Be dazzled

Climb aboard the Métamorph'eau'ses

Practical information

Fridays and Saturdays in April, October and December.
From Thursdays to Sundays in May, June and September.
Every day throughout July and August.

After dark departure times.

18€ for adults
16€ reduced (Children aged 11 to 17, over 65 years old, student card, disabled card)
9€ for children aged 4 to 10 years old
Free for children below 4 years old