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Low-cost places to stay

After a long day’s walking, you deserve a peaceful night’s sleep in a comfortable bed in a quiet and friendly setting. Here is a selection of low-cost places to stay.


Just for those making a pilgrimage

The Pilgrim’s Reception at Paroisse Saint-Etienne

Located in the city centre, you will be greeted by the priests of the Paroisse Saint-Etienne Church.
– 1 room with 2 beds and bathroom.
– 2 extra mattresses provided in the room.
No breakfast or dinner but kitchen facilities available.

Pilgrimage Route passport required.

Price: Offered free of charge

Contact details:
Place Notre-Dame
07 68 72 40 51 or 03 26 64 18 30

Home stays are also available.

Chambre d’hôtes les Catalaunes

Pilgrimage Route passport required.

This charming bed and breakfast offers a special welcome to guests on pilgrimage and is located less than 2 km from the Tourist Office.

Contact details:
48 rue des Vieilles Postes
Mme Mouillet on 03 26 65 29 01 or 06 83 03 23 45

Other accommodation

at low prices

in the area