Cathedrale Passerelle Grand Jard Vue Chalons Plage © Pascal PerinCathedrale Passerelle Grand Jard Vue Chalons Plage © Pascal Perin
©Cathedrale Passerelle Grand Jard Vue Chalons Plage © Pascal Perin|Photographer: Pascal Perin

Our top 10 favourite viewpoints

The benefit of being up high is that the beauty of the landscape is highlighted along with the unique character of the hillsides. We have selected our favourite viewpoints in and around Châlons. Head for the heights and enjoy taking in this stunning scenery.

The footbridge in the Grand Jard

The footbridge connects the Jard Anglais to the Grand Jard crossing over the Canal Latéral à la Marne.

High enough to allow boats and barges to pass through, it offers an outstanding view of the gardens with the cathedral in the background, and is possiblyone of the most magnificent views of Châlons.

From the Jards, don’t miss the Petit Jard for a wonderful view of the Chateau du Marché, one of the most iconic sights in Châlons.

Notre-Dame du Gruguet 

Aÿ-Champagne (30 km)

Notre-Dame du Gruguet was built by the inhabitants of Mareuil-sur-Aÿ in recognition of the miracle that prevented the destruction of the village during the Second World War and allowed prisoners of war to return home.

A magnificent viewpoint with a 360° panorama over the Champagne vineyards and the Marne valley.

You can also see the commune of Mareuil-sur-Aÿ located 130 metres below.

Mount Aimé

Bergères les Vertus (30 km)

To reach Mount Aimé’s summit at 240 metres high, you need to take a small narrow road. There is a car park and several picnic tables available.

This spot offers an amazing view over the Côte des Blancs and the Champagne region, and there is an orientation table to help you understand the landscape.

The ruins of a chateau built by Blanche of Navarre in 1210 can also be found on this historic site, and there are walking tours to help you explore it in greater detail.

Mount Sinai

Verzy (35 km)

Mount Sinai is the highest peak in the Marne department and on the Montagne de Reims.

Situated at 286 metres above sea level, it was the site of a military observatory which provided the perfect vantage point for tracking the advance of German troops during the First World War. It is now a listed Historic Monument.

An orientation table also allows you to find your bearings on this 180° panorama over the plain of Reims.

The Dom Pérignon Belvedere

and the panoramic site of the Croix Joseph

Hautvillers (38 km)

Hautvillers offers a never-ending view over the sea of grapevines that floods the landscape and of the forested area that overhangs it. We recommend a photo stop between the two vineyard paths at the two viewpoints in the village:

  • The most famous, the Dom Pérignon belvedere, on Rue de Cumières. In addition to the incredible view, you can also find an orientation panel there.
  • The panoramic site of the Croix Joseph, on the D386 towards Saint-Imoges.

The Bellevue viewing point

Champillon (38 km)

Champillon boasts an exceptional location.

Set against a backdrop of woodland and overlooking the vineyards, the village offers one of the most beautiful views of the Marne valley. It has become an essential destination, even for some of the most famous visitors including Napoleon III, the Queen Mother of England and General de Gaulle.

Where to find it

Rue Jean Jaurès, Champillon (38 km)

And also...

Porte Sainte-Croix

The top of the Chalons Arc de Triomphe, standing 20 metres high, offers a superb view over Châlons-en-Champagne.

Marvel at the cathedral, the Notre-Dame-en-Vaux Collegiate Church, and the historic buildings and gardens. From up there, everything is even more impressive!

But be careful! Porte Sainte Croix is not usually open to the public. Reservations are required for group visits or during the European Heritage Days.