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For a selection of local produce, head to the Tourist Office. You will find a wide choice of delectable treats. To help you decide, here’s a list of our favourites!

Moelleux de fraise


Add a little fantasy to your cocktails with this exquisite strawberry dessert wine made by Thibaut, our leading “fraisiculteur” (strawberry producer).

Located between Bar le Duc and Châlons-en-Champagne, the Cellier de Revigny creates its strawberry wine using only fully ripened fruit. Strawberries, and nothing but strawberries… This wine is produced by exclusively pressing strawberries with no other ingredients… neither wine nor alcohol has been added.

Our suggestion:

Try pairing Moelleux de Fraise with foie gras…

Porte Sainte-Croix Pasta

Les Nominettes

Surprise your guests with this locally produced pasta in the shape of… Porte Sainte Croix!

Christophe, our local grain producer, makes his pasta on the farm with wheat grown on site using sustainable farming methods. Our producer wanted to present a finished product from the farm. So, in 2015, “Les Nominettes” was created in Condé sur Marne, just a few steps from Châlons.

Our suggestion:

Combine two local products from Châlons in a single dish: pasta with beer… from Juvigny.

Bière Orjy

Bières et Tentation

If I tell you that my DNA is made of barley, I am entirely natural, I can be blonde, white, or amber… I must be Orjy beer

My story began with Jacques, who was an amateur brewer, working out of a back kitchen with his friends. Then, after completing a course and moving to a new premises, our brewer went from being an amateur to a fully-fledged craft brewer.

Our suggestion:

Opt for the white beer for a refreshing treat, or the triple beer for a fuller flavour.



Les Reines d’Argonne

Whether forest, acacia or Luzerne honey… Virginie’s honeys delight with their sweet or intense aromas, depending on the jar you select. But whatever your choice, it’s all thanks to hundreds of little Givryan worker bees.

Similar to herds, the colonies are moved around within a maximum radius of 100 km surrounding Givry en Argonne, according to the flowering season and the crops… the apiary is never far away

Our suggestion:

A good helping of honey on a slice of fresh bread…

Champagne pink lentils

Didier and Brigitte Lambin

Amaze your guests with this royal pulse! You probably didn’t know it, but this little dry legume is also known as “Queen’s Lentils”. The reason? The champagne lentil is said to have made its debut at the royal court thanks to the wife of King Louis XV.

Didier and Brigitte have been tending this fragile plant for 10 years, which gives this dry pulse a delicate flavour with a refined, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Editor’s note: They are greatly assisted by the quality of Champagne’s rich soil.

Our suggestion:

Serve Champagne lentils with scallops for an exceptionally elegant dish…

Champagne terrine with Ratafia

La ferme du Châtel

Authenticity is Eric’s guiding principle in making this Champagne terrine from farm-reared pork and Ratafia de Champagne. Ratafia, less famous than the region’s star champagne, is a non-sparkling wine with a sweet and smooth character that makes a delicious complement to pork.

La Ferme du Châtel located in Aulnay l’Aitre, produces cereal crops in addition to rearing pigs… The animals are thus fed with cereals from the farm… directly from the producer to the consumer!

Our suggestion:

Serve on toast accompanied by a flute of champagne… or a glass of Ratafia.

Cuvée Royale Brut

Joseph Perrier Champagne House

Ready for a tasting? Awaken all your senses… Observe the colour and movement of the bubbles, listen to the soft fizzing sound, try to detect the aromas that emanate, and finally let the flavours express themselves on the palate! You’re bound to fall under its spell.

The Joseph Perrier Champagne House, led by Benjamin, is the only family-run and independent Champagne House remaining in Chalons.

Our suggestion:

Explore the Gallo-Roman cellars of Joseph Perrier.

Biscuits Roses


In the past, this biscuit was synonymous with champagne wine… people used to “dip” Biscuit Rose in their champagne flute because it has the distinctive feature of not crumbling or falling apart in the drink. Today, it is perfect for making delicious pastries and desserts. Its pretty pink colour, and crunchy yet fondant texture are truly irresistible.

Editor’s note: This traditional biscuit company, created in 1756 in Reims, is the oldest in France.

Our suggestion:

Make sure you try the Croquignoles… along with the rest of the selection.

Brut tradition

Champagne Baty

The Champagne vineyards are divided into four major regions, but it is in a fifth, lesser known yet equally prestigious area where you can taste Champagne H. Baty.

Romain’s estate is located in Bassuet in the Vitryats hillsides where ponds, crops, meadows and vineyards exist side by side… open the bottle, surrender to its charm and be transported to the midst of the vines.

Our suggestion:

Best served at 10°C in a crystal-clear champagne flute.