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360° Virtual Visits

Historic monuments accessible to all

Thanks to new technologies, it is now possible to visit tourist sites virtually. A great opportunity for the Internet user to visualize the wealth of sites to be discovered on our territory and to inspire him for a stay then in real life.

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On the proposal of the Marne Departmental Tourism Agency and thanks to its financial support, the conurbation authority, the Tourist Office and the Heritage Animation service worked with the company Virtual Plan Advantage for the realization of three 3D immersive virtual visits:

  • Basilica Notre-Dame de l’Epine
  • Baconnes Church
  • Duduchothèque

3 virtual visits

in the area of Châlons


Notre-Dame de l’Epine


Located 8km far from Châlons-en-Champagne, this religious building, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, presents many architectural richness that are fascinating to discover thanks to this virtual visit.

In particular, we discover in detail the recently renovated organ case, but also the entombment, the rood screen, the well, etc.

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Church Saint-Memmie


of Baconnes (25km)

The Saint-Memmie church, which dominates the village, is listed as a Historic Monument. Dating from the 12th century, built in a Romanesque style, it has among other things a 400 kg bell dated back to 1508. It is raised on an artificial plains overlooking the fortified lowland village, which rises to about 3.50 m above street level.

Previous restoration campaigns had been partial or carried out in a hurry (following the damage caused by shell impacts in particular) and had not provided remedies for the structural weaknesses of the building, when they had not aggravated them… In 2019, the church benefit from a comprehensive restoration.

The 360° virtual tour allows you to discover this jewel of medieval architecture since you can access the framework and the bell tower and admire the Katherine bell, also listed!

The Duduchothèque



Open since December 1st of 2018, this place is dedicated to the early drawings of Cabu, born in Châlons-sur-Marne on January 13th, 1938.

Space for exhibition, reading, research, animation, learning, this space allows you to understand how K-bu became Cabu.

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