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Live like a prince

Experience life in a château

The Champagne region is not necessarily famous for its castles, but there are a few exquisite examples around Châlons-en-Champagne. Whether you wish to spend the night or just visit, experience life in a château.

Spend the night in a castle

Château de Juvigny


8 km

Château de Juvigny dates from the 18th century. Surrounded by a moat, it is nestled in an exceptional setting, between a 5-hectare lake with crystal-clear waters, providing a place to cool off in summer, and a magnificent 18-hectare park attributed to Le Nôtre.

Brigitte welcomes you to her elegant and very comfortable guest rooms, decorated with English prints in soft hues.

Enjoy spending time chatting with Brigitte in the elegant breakfast room with its stylish black and white flooring.

Château de Vitry-la-Ville


16 km

Château de Vitry-la-Ville was built in the 17th century, enlarged in the 18th century, and is situated in the grounds of a 17-hectare estate surrounded by rivers and ponds, moats and bridges and an elegant French garden, designed by Le Nôtre.

It is one of the few residences in the Champagne region to be built in limestone and is crowned with an Irish purple slate roof. At the entrance, two unique gates, forged by the Master Ironworker of Louis XIV, lead into the property.

With its three large lounge areas inside and a Garden Cottage outside, Château de Vitry-la-Ville is an ideal venue for special events. It can accommodate up to 35 people and seat up to 80 guests indoors and 200 guests outdoors.

You can also stay in the chateau’s guest rooms with family or friends to experience the pleasures of life in a chateau.

Visit a castle

Château de Pierry


35 km

Château de Pierry was built in 1734 by Mgr de Choiseul-Beaupré, Bishop and Count of Châlons.

During the tour, you will pass through the champagne attic, the small private apartments, the reception rooms, the Kings’ Gallery with its permanent exhibition of the Kings of France and the Champagne Dynasties.

Outside, discover the English garden and the wine-making outbuildings: the cellar-press, the small cellars dating back to the 18th century, the vat room and the lower cellars of the Château with a display on the evolution of manual machinery from 1750 to 1950.