Cuvée Royale

A short film by the Tourist Office

The Cuvée Royale has disappeared. Agent 51 must find it. Will he make it? Discover the new short film from the Tourist Office of Châlons-en-Champagne, directed by Léo Ginailhac." />" data-ratio="16_9">

LEADER Program

The CUVEE ROYALE video received European aid under the LEADER 2014-2020 program of the Pays de Châlons-en-Champagne LAG.

This project was selected for its action to promote the territorial identity of the country. It is part of the consolidation of local tourist attractiveness: communication, promotion, awareness, networking and marketing.

A short film

100% action

Cuvée Royale is a 6-minute short film that tells a story, an action film largely inspired by productions that have toured the world and whose hero is known worldwide…

To keep viewers hooked, every minute of the film features new sports car, motorbike, jet ski, drone and even helicopter action.

On the new technology side, the film unveils a prototype for transporting a bottle of Champagne in a drone racer, it’s THE gadget worthy of a real James Bond…

Our goal ? Highlight the Châlons-en-Champagne destination, its emblematic places, its natural and architectural heritage, its quality of life… from an offbeat angle to challenge and surprise.

Production Secrets

Action !

Filming took place in two sessions: early and late July. The involvement of the production team, professional and non-professional actors, municipal services, the Maison Joseph Perrier and numerous volunteers made it possible to shoot all the images in five days.

The main characters are played by internationally recognized French stuntmen (stand-in for Marvel films in the USA).

Thirty days of work were needed for post-production: editing, composition of original music, sound effects by a sound designer and colorization of images in the studio in Paris.


“For this type of project, it takes on average three times more staff and budget, our very small team has given its all to meet this challenge. »

Léo Ginailhac

A short film

100% action


  • Stuntman Agent 51 : Thomas Le Groignec
  • Stuntman Méchant : Mavric Garcia
  • The meanie : Chiara Koskina
  • Agent M : Elisa Schajer
  • Helicopter pilot : Marc Chevenement
  • Boat pilot : Michel Lemaitre



  • Production : ERELL DIGITAL*
  • Realization, chief operator : Léo Ginailhac
  • Drone : Romain Berthiot
  • Drone Racer Champagne : Jérémy Picquette
  • 2nd camera : Pierre Tual
  • Assistants : Matthieu Soriano, Benjamin Castaldo