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The Vineyard Lodges

A homage to the viticultural landscape

Vineyard lodges are modest constructions (houses, huts, or shelters), of only one room, which were used by wine-growers to shelter, store their tools, feed themselves and rest. Take a closer look!

A journey

through history

Many vineyard lodges have been destroyed, but a few hundred remain in Champagne, some dating from the early 20th century.

Today, they are mainly used during the harvest and are landmarks for walkers.

In addition, the vineyard lodges of the future have been built in recent years as part of the Université d’été Architecture et Champagne project.


Modern-day vineyard lodges

Every year since 2017, the Architecture and Champagne Summer University is held with the aim of addressing various issues related to conservation, promotion and development of the Champagne countryside.

The participants (students, architectural experts, and professionals from the construction industry) spend 12 days in Châlons-en-Champagne where they are immersed in design and production workshops that enable them to create contemporary vineyard lodges.

The aim of this summer school event is to reinvent vineyard lodges for today’s wine-growers (as meeting points, places to welcome customers and host tastings) and for hikers (as places to take a rest or enjoy a picnic).

The tour

of vineyard lodges

Over the course of 4 years, 23 vineyard lodges have been designed and created by the students of the Architecture and Champagne Summer University using materials from the Champagne industry, supplied by the winegrowers themselves (racks, barrels, wine vats, and more).

A route of over 300 kilometres throughout the Champagne region invites you to discover these unique creations by criss-crossing the vineyards.

Download the brochure to learn more about the vineyard lodges in the villages, how to find and access the plots of land where they are located and a summary of the students’ vision when designing them.

The trail

of vineyard lodges

In Trépail (25 km far from Châlons), a 5.2km trail running through the vineyards, which takes around 1 hour 30 mins, leads you to the vineyard lodges of yesteryear.

Explore the variety of landscapes that make up the Champagne region with vineyards, forests and picturesque villages.

Set off from the village car park.