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Champagne Houses

The Champagne Houses are at the root of Champagne’s prestige and notoriety throughout the world. Step inside, and let yourself be transported back in time to experience the history, excellence and savoir-faire of the Houses of Champagne.

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Visit a Champagne house on an exclusive estate for an unforgettable experience. Go behind the scenes, discover exceptional production facilities, and explore miles of cellars, a few dozen feet below the surface.

Learn how world-famous exceptional cuvées are produced, recognised for their consistent quality, thanks to expertise based on a delicate balance of traditional and more modern techniques.

And of course, every tour ends with an opportunity to enjoy a tasting of one or more of the House’s champagnes.

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The Champagne Houses are responsible for the vinification and blending processes as well as marketing the products. Their champagne may be produced from grapes purchased from wine-growers, other wine producers, or from their own vineyards.

The cuvées on sale are therefore often derived from several sources, resulting in the blend of each cuvée.

Maison Ruinart, founded in 1729 in Epernay, is the first and oldest champagne house. Today there are over 300 of them.

The most important is the house of “Moët et Chandon” with a production volume of over 30 million bottles.

The Centre Vinicole

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte

The Centre Vinicole Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte is not a Champagne House, but a unique cooperative structure which brings together 84 cooperatives representing over 5,000 winegrowers, making it the largest union of winegrowers in Champagne.

In Chouilly, 30 minutes from Châlons-en-Champagne, the Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne tour invites you to take an extraordinary journey.
This original tour explains all the stages in the production of Nicolas Feuillatte vintages, from the vinification process to bottling, and all in an attractive modern setting.