Jard Anglais Passerelle Marne Nature Chalons © Michel BisterJard Anglais Passerelle Marne Nature Chalons © Michel Bister
©Jard Anglais Passerelle Marne Nature Chalons © Michel Bister|MB.2017

The Walker's Charter

The aim of the walker’s charter is to enjoy natural areas while protecting them. These simple guidelines are to ensure that our natural wonders continue to survive.

Enjoy nature

with respect

The walker observes, discovers, understands and respects.

Observe what surrounds you, such as the landscape, and the wildlife… Discover a rare plant, an animal track… Respect the rules for protecting the natural environment and the well-being of all.


The walker recognises that nature is vulnerable.

Avoid trampling over vegetation. Do not pull the branches off the trees. Respect new shoots.


The walker leaves the wildlife in peace.

Respect the serenity of the environment. Observe wildlife but do not trap it, especially as some species are protected.


The walker refrains from picking wild flowers and limits the amount of wild fruits collected

Flowers that have been picked do not grow back. Admire them but do not gather them.


The walker respects the marked paths and limited access.

Do not go off the paths and stick to the markers. Some paths are sometimes difficult to access in winter/spring. Mountain biking is limited to the paths provided for this purpose.


The walker does not collect dead wood.

Dead branches, old stumps and fallen trunks provide shelter for animals. Do not pick them up.


The walker does not light fires.

Unless clearly authorised, it is forbidden to light fires (barbecue, fireplace, etc.)


The walker respects prohibited areas.

On a walking tour, be aware of any prohibited activities and respect them.


The walker does not leave rubbish in the countryside.

Use the picnic areas. Use the bins provided in the area or take your rubbish home with you.


The walker keeps their dog on a lead.

Dogs off the lead may upset the wildlife. Keep them on a lead.

I love the forest

Let's protect it together

The Office National des Forêts (National Forestry Office) has also drawn up a walker’s charter for everyone who wishes to use the forest, including walkers, cyclists, horse riders, athletes as well as people just out for a stroll.

This charter gives essential guidelines on foraging, fires, waste and motor vehicles and more.