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In Châlons,

Street Art is everywhere

Explore another side of Châlons-en-Champagne. Like an outdoor gallery, street art is increasingly visible throughout the streets of the city. Follow our guide and discover this ephemeral art form with an array of urban and contemporary works.

Where to find it

    • Rue Gobet Boisselle
    • Rue d’Orfeuil, Rue de l’Abbé Lambert and Rue des Lombards
    • Around the Halles du Marché: Rue de la Carpe, Rue de l’Olican, Rue François
    • Châlons-en-Champagne station
    • Place Foch


Street Art,

but what exactly is that?

These artworks are displayed in the street, on walls, under bridges, and so on. They are often large murals, but that’s not all! These pieces of art are not the usual contemporary ones.

Street art is also a form of expression. It is often used to convey a message, to protest, to bear witness and to share a dream.