Champagne Basket 2020 Chalons Jalen Adams DunkChampagne Basket 2020 Chalons Jalen Adams Dunk
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Champagne Basket Team

basketball and stars

Le Champagne Basket (CB) is a basketball club created in 2010 following the merger of Espe Basket Châlons and Reims Champagne Basket. It plays in the major national basketball league, the Betclic Elite.

A club

created from an alliance

Champagne Basket, created in July 2010, is the result of an alliance between ESPE Basket Châlons-en-Champagne and Reims Champagne Basket, two historic clubs that have both reached the highest level, but have never succeeded in maintaining their position.

The aim of this merger was, therefore, to bring together the two main cities of the department, as well as the entire region, to create a major sports network for our ambitious “departmental Metropolitan Area”.

This goal has been fully achieved as the club has maintained its place in the major league since 2014-15.


passion for the sport

Attending a basketball match is really exciting from the moment it starts, right through to the final whistle, and it allows you to experience the intensity and emotion of top-level sport up close. This fast-paced, thrilling sport is something everyone will enjoy, even those who are new to it.

What’s more, the Champagne Basket plays in relatively medium-sized yet comfortable venues. This ensures that you can watch the game as close to the action as possible and in a safe environment, throughout the year. The match and your comfort will never be compromised by the weather.


The Champagne Basket values

  • Solidarity
  • Humility
  • Being exemplary
  • Respect
  • Commitment

A public initiative

Champagne Basket makes a significant contribution to the life of our region, as evening games are now real sporting, media and economic events, in Reims as well as in Châlons. But that’s not all.

Champagne Basket also plays an important role in the community, active throughout the region, participating in numerous events in local neighbourhoods, joining forces with the ELA association for its annual digest, and establishing partnerships with associations aimed at helping young people find employment…