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The circus capital

With FURIES, the Festival of Circus and Street Arts, PALC, the French National Pole for Circus Arts, the CNAC, the National Centre for Circus Arts, which took up residence in Châlons-en-Champagne thirty years ago, and a permanent circus (there are only seven left in France), Châlons can pride itself on truly being the capital of circus. A circus that is decidedly modern and alternative.

The National Center

of Circus Arts

In December, don’t miss the graduation show of the CNAC (National Center of Circus Arts).

Each year, a renowned director is chosen to work on an artistic creation with the students of the graduating class.

This technically and artistically accomplished production highlights the personalities and performances of these upcoming talents.

It is presented during the first two weeks of December in Châlons-en-Champagne, prior to a national, and sometimes international, tour.

Students also perform a few other times during the year for our great pleasure !

The Furies Festival

Every year in June, Châlons-en-Champagne city centre is transformed into a kind of giant Big Top. The city becomes a place where anything is possible and a stage for burlesque and some exceptionally unusual shows.

The festival’s performers take up residence in gardens, on the square, under the Big Top, on street corners, at the Centre national des arts du cirque, at La Comète- Scène nationale, at the Salle Rive Gauche and more.

Since its first event in 1990, the festival has remained faithful to its mission of supporting contemporary artistic creation and helping new talent to be discovered.

The circus, part of

Châlons' heritage

Châlons is one of the few cities in France to have a permanent circus.

In fact, there are only seven still in existence!

Built in 1898-1899 based on plans by Louis Gillet, this 12-sided reinforced concrete polygon has a remarkable sculpted gateway.